Share Trading & The Global Financial Markets

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Share trading is one of the most established trading concepts in the financial markets that have spawned numerous billionaires over the past few decades. The financial markets are considered incomplete without the advent of share trading, which involves buying and selling shares of companies from around the world. Several stock exchanges from around the world facilitate investors to invest in their stock markets and take advantage of the rising and falling share prices. However, share trading has also been instrumental in the downfall of a majority of traders who are unable to keep up with the rapid pace of the stock markets.

Share trading is a simple concept that allows a trader to either buy or sell a share corresponding to his market analysis. Share trading can be both speculative as well as investment oriented, and there are several distinct differences between the two types of investments. In speculative trading, the trader is only betting on the movement of a share in either direction and aims to make money by investing in the difference between the opening and closing price of a share for a day or within a matter of few minutes or hours. These traders have the ability to go long or go short on a share depending on the movement of price. On the other hand, long-term investors buy into a share to hold it for the long term. These investors are dependent on the performance of the share over an extended period, and will usually receive dividends on a quarterly or annual basis. Both types of investors can suffer profits as well as losses, and investing in one type of investments cannot be considered as superior to the other.

Share trading is ideal for traders who wish to interact with companies that are listed on several stock exchanges and have a unique ability to read the underlying company financials to make an informed decision. Share trading can be particularly profitable for those investors who can predict the movement of the markets and make money from both rising as well as falling shares.

Ease & Convenience Of Share Trading Online

Share TradingOnline share trading has given rise to a whole new generation of investors who can trade shares from around the world from the comforts of their home or office. Share trading online is easy and convenient as the investor is offered the option of trading from their dedicated trading terminal that can be connected to an exchange or an intermediary broker. Share trading has been around for a couple of centuries, and it is one concept that has evolved over time to offer the luxury of trading the financial markets from anywhere in the world.

There are multiple ways by which an investor can indulge in share trading online. Large institutional investors usually set up their trading account without the help of brokers to deal directly with the markets. These investors have access to a huge amount of capital, which offers them the required margin to trade in the financial markets without external help. These investors are also sometimes known as market makers as they have the capability to influence price action, and can have a sizeable impact on the price of shares.

The second type of investors is comprised of speculators or day traders that have a relatively smaller amount of capital and will require the services of a broker to leverage their money to open trades in the shares market. These types of traders are merely speculators who trade shares either for long-term revenue or short-term gains. Speculators have a lower impact on the markets typically and are not considered as valid market makers, as the amount of capital invested in the markets are too little to make a difference. However, traders with a small capital can make a significant amount of profits due to the amount of leverage on offer, which ranges from 1:10 to 1:30 for share trading.

Is Share Trading Riskier Than Forex & Futures Trading?

Share trading is considered to be a low-risk alternative to Forex and Futures trading, as the volatility in share trading is comparatively lower. The amount of leverage available in the shares market is also limited, which further reduces the amount of drawdown and margin calls. In Forex trading, traders are offered the option of using high leverage to the tune of 1:500 up to 1:3000, which can have drastic consequences on the trading capital. A small move against the trader’s position can result in a margin call, which can wipe out entire accounts within seconds.

Share trading just offers a maximum of 1:30 leverage, but most brokers typically lower the margin to 1:10 at the top end. This is done by the various Federal trading regulations, and to prevent traders from over-exploiting the benefits of leveraged trading. Therefore, all factors combine to reduce the overall risks of share trading when compared to other forms of retail trading such as Forex and commodities.

Nevertheless, share trading has its fair share of risks and pitfalls associated with market volatility and company financials. Traders can lose money in share trading due to a wide variety of reasons that can include, but not limited to, company insolvency, negative market outlook, lower than expected earnings report, mergers & acquisitions, and other market factors.

How To Be Profitable In Online Share Trading

Online share trading can only be profitable in the long run if a trader is careful about his strategies and money management. Share trading is a comparatively low-risk model, but it has its distinct set of advantages and disadvantages. Several investors have made money in share trading by investing for the long term and enjoying the dividends of a share by making accurate predictions of the market. Traders have also lost a ton of money due to a lack of understanding of the market economics; therefore, a trader should spend some time into researching the markets and get familiar with the fundamental dynamics of the markets.

Every trader should take it upon themselves to browse through several strategies for share trading through online resources and find the one that works according to their personal trading characteristics. Several modern day brokers offer several tools and platforms to help traders with their analysis and trading and even allow retail traders to test the markets with a small investment capital. There are even several Forex brokers who offer share trading as part of their services package, and traders can take advantage of investing in all types of financial markets using just a single account.

Investing In Stocks Through Binary Share Trading

The nature of binary trading dictates that traders can bet on any financial instrument from around the world. This has led to investors indulging in binary share trading without actually holding a share. Binary share trading works in a similar fashion to all other types of binary options trading. The trader bets on the direction of the movement of a share and makes a fixed profit or loss per trade. Binary trading is entirely independent of the markets, and a binary options trader will have no impact on the price of a share that he has invested. Therefore, all the profits and losses are split between a trader and his broker.

Is Share Trading For Everyone?

Most of the world’s top-performing hedge funds and traders have a wide array of share trading portfolio in their trading arsenal. It goes on to show that share trading is indeed considered to be one of the primary forms of investing for all types of investors, financial companies, and retail traders. Almost all countries in the world have their stock exchanges that list all publicly traded companies in their share markets, and all market participants can participate in the markets as long as they adhere to the rules and regulations set forward by the respective share markets.

Share trading might not be suitable for all types of investors, particularly for those who are looking to make quick profits. Share trading has several associated costs such as stamp duty, commissions, and spreads, which make it expensive to trade such financial instruments over a short time frame. However, several day traders make consistent profits in the market from a short-term perspective, albeit with a tremendous talent, knowledge, and experience of how the market dynamics work.